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Leading clinical research center, specializing in the testing of new medications and treatments for a variety of mental health, neurological and general health conditions.


CNS seeks inventive approaches designed to continually improve clinical research and meet your specific study needs.
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By participating in a clinical trial with CNS, you may help in the development of new medical therapies.
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Why Choose Us?

We are a leading clinical research center in Southern California specializing in the design and conduct of clinical trials for new medications and treatments in various therapeutic areas including neurology, psychiatry and general health conditions.

CNS has four outpatient clinics located throughout California and a 25,000 square foot phase I clinical pharmacology unit centrally located in the greater Los Angeles area. Our staff members are experienced working with both healthy participants as well as select patient populations. The doctors at CNS each have an average of 15 years experience as investigators in clinical research and have a wide range of specialties including neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics and internal medicine.

Our highly experienced staff is dedicated to providing quality service to our patients, partners and study sponsors. CNS was built on a customer service based foundation and we pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation as an industry leader.

CNS offers a supportive research infrastructure for investigators and primary care physicians. Through this infrastructure, we are able to bring resources and tools to places where the patients are, to facilitate smooth study conduct and ensure GCP compliance. We help study sponsors prepare and submit regulatory documentation, monitor progress, collect data and most importantly, maintain the integrity of the study and protect patient safety.


Dr. [Nirav] Patel’s site has been nothing short of great and we’re really happy with them. They’ve been one of our “go to” sites thus far so I’m very pleased.
Phase I Multiple Sclerosis Study Sponsor
I want to congratulate you [Dr. Nirav Patel] on successfully enrolling several patients to date. Your monitor has been giving rave reviews about your site, which is consistent with my past experiences. We’re very pleased with the efforts you and your study personnel have put forth. Without question, you’ve topped the list of quality data.
Phase I Multiple Sclerosis Study Sponsor
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