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As a leading clinical research center in California, CNS is dedicated to searching for a cure, together.

If you or a loved one suffers from a neurological, psychiatric, or a general health condition, take the next step and experience breakthrough treatments while helping others along the way!

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Find out whether we have a study that’s right for you!

Why Participate?

  • To help in the development of new medical therapies for people with life threatening and chronic diseases
  • To receive physical exams at no cost to you
  • To receive psychiatric and neurological evaluation at no cost to you
  • To receive study related medical testing and medication if eligible
  • To be eligible for compensation for your time and travel
  • To join CNS and be part of the search for tomorrow’s cures today

Making the decision about whether a clinical trial is right for you

  • Discuss your interest and concerns with your doctor, family, friends and other supports.
  • Call CNS and ask to speak with one of our clinical staff about participation in a clinical trial. We can also schedule a time for you to come into one of our clinics and speak with a CNS physician.
  • Can you make the time commitment? Participation in a clinical trial will require a time commitment from you and your caregivers. Call CNS about the specific time commitments involved in the study you are considering.
  • Schedule a pre-trial screening. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial with CNS, call us for an appointment to discuss trial participation further.


Hello everyone at CNS in Garden Grove! You all are amazing, friendly, caring, and of course exceptionally professional people. “YOU” made the uniquely sensitive nature of the clinical trial experience fun and well, not so sensitive.
Joe C., Study Participant
We have been extremely pleased with Dr. Walling’s site’s performance as a “rescue” site for our phase I schizophrenia study. We will use you again for any new early phase opportunities we have.
Phase I Schizophrenia Study Sponsor
This company is very professional and courteous. My goal in life is to help out as best as I can, to defeat and destroy these illnesses. By being a strong candidate I know I am only doing a small part, but with CNS behind me I know that maybe some day these mental Illnesses will be a thing of the past for our present generations and into the future!
Previous CNS Study Participant
I want to congratulate you [Dr. Nirav Patel] on successfully enrolling several patients to date. Your monitor has been giving rave reviews about your site, which is consistent with my past experiences. We’re very pleased with the efforts you and your study personnel have put forth. Without question, you’ve topped the list of quality data.
Phase I Multiple Sclerosis Study Sponsor
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