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Meet the leadership team...

David P. Walling, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

David Walling
Dr. Walling received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern California. He attended California State University, Long Beach, earning a master’s degree in Counseling as well as a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Prior to CNS, Dr. Walling was Vice President of Clinical Services at Psychiatric Management Resources & Stadt Solutions Pharmacy Corporation. He has also served as an Assistant Professor and Research Scientist in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Dr. Walling has clinical experience as a licensed psychologist and marriage, family, and child counselor. He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer as well as serving as Principal Investigator on multiple clinical research studies conducted at CNS.

Armen Goenjian, M.D., D.F.A.P.A., F.A.C.G.S., Chief Medical Officer

Armen Goenjian
Dr. Goenjian received his Bachelors of Science degree at the American University of Beirut and Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Tennessee. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry and Diplomate of the American Board of Geriatrics. He is affiliated with Memorial Counseling Associates in Long Beach, and is Research Professor of Psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Additionally, Dr Goenjian has his own private practice in Long Beach and is the Senior Medical Director of Psychiatry at Pacific and Community Hospitals of Long Beach. He serves as Chief Medical Officer and Principal Investigator at CNS. Not only does Dr. Goenjian dedicate his time to research, but he believes in giving back to the community by doing humanitarian work. Dr. Goenjian has also consulted and provided training to mental health workers after other natural disasters and wars abroad.

Jack Stephens, M.A., President

Jack Stephens_Website
Mr. Stephens earned his Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. He has held several senior management positions with behavioral health organizations including twelve years with Psychiatric Management Resources where he left as Senior Vice President of Operations. Mr. Stephens is responsible for community outreach and education as well as overall operations management.

Dalia Botros, MBBS, Director of Operations/Administrator Ocean View PHF

Dalia Botros
Ms. Botros attended the Alexandria University School of Medicine in Egypt, where she was a General Physician as well as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. She is currently the Site Director of CNS’ Early Phase Research site in Long Beach, CA. Prior to CNS, she was a Clinical Research Coordinator for multiple Phase I-IV clinical trials. She has also been an Assistant Research Director where she supervised Research Coordinators, ensuring studies were conducted in compliance with FDA regulations and ICH guidelines. Ms. Botros has published numerous clinical studies and poster presentations, and has been a guest speaker for a variety of pharmaceutical companies.

Shawna Cote, M.S., Director of Operations (Pacific Research Partners)

Shawna Cote
Fueled by an extensive background in clinical research, Ms. Cote has led the administration of Pacific Research Partners since their inception in July 2010. She brings with her over 10 years of experience as a Contract Research Monitor and a 14 year history of site management. Ms. Cote earned a Masters of Science in Clinical Trial Administration from Walden University as well as CCRC and CCRA certifications from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.
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