Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials

//Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials

Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials

Did you know that there are 100’s of clinical trials that are active and in need of participants? Clinical trials are conducted for a wide variety of conditions including Alzheimer’s, Migraine, Depression, Bipolar, Multiple Sclerosis, and many more. Before a new treatment or medication can be released to the market, it must first go through clinical trials.

There are many misconceptions about clinical research that patients must stop their current treatment or that once a condition has a treatment clinical trials stop. However, clinical research isn’t just about finding a cure for diseases; they also attempt to find better cures and more effective treatments than what is currently available on the market. Some examples include investigating treatments with fewer side effects, or more effective prevention or regression of symptoms. There are many clinical trials which test adjunctive therapies, which are investigational treatments designed to working combination with existing therapies for a better outcome.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most destructive diseases, and there is currently no cure. It slowly destroys and kills the brain, leading to memory loss, cognitive impairment, and eventually death. While there is no cure at this time, scientists are getting closer to finding a therapy that may slow, stop, or even regress Alzheimer’s and the damage it has caused. For these reasons and more, Alzheimer’s has become a major focus of several clinical research studies. By participating in a clinical trial, you may gain access to new investigational therapies while helping doctors learn more about the disease’s studies offer some form of compensation for time and travel, and every person matters in the search for a cure. Alzheimer’s disease is the 3rd leading killer of people in Southern California, we don’t have the time to wait any longer.

CNS, the largest clinical research provider in southern California, is currently seeking participants for a new Alzheimer’s study. Study-related medication and medical areas provided by a medical professional at no cost. If you, or someone you know, are interested in participating in a clinical study, contact CNS today to learn more.

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