Collaborative Neuroscience Research (CNS), a division of CenExel, is eager to support your clinical development programs.

While CNS’s website is designed to streamline the recruitment of clinical trial participants, https://cenexelresearch.com/, the website of CNS’s parent company, Apex Innovative Sciences, is intended to show Sponsors and CROs the service offerings and expertise of CNS and its sister trial site organization, Hassman Research Institute (HRI).


As a division of CenExel, CNS not only provides high-quality research for a wide range of Phase I-IV trials but also offers world-class strategic consulting services with emphasis on protocol development and program planning. CenExel’s Scientific Affairs and Clinical Development Team is composed of clinical research thought leaders including CNS’s founding CEO, Dr. David Walling, who also serves as CenExel’s Chief Clinical Officer and co-chairmen of Apex’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Prospective pharmaceutical industry clients visiting CenExel’s website can access content including:

  • Bios for members of CenExel’s Executive Leadership Team and Scientific Advisory Board
  • Bios and CVs for CNS and HRI’s Principal Investigators
  • Information about CNS and HRI’s clinical research facilities including our state-of-the-art Phase I inpatient units
  • CenExel’s therapeutic expertise in these areas: psychiatry, substance use disorders, pain, sleep, neurology, internal medicine, rare/orphan diseases, dermatology, and vaccines
  • CenExel’s expertise pertaining to these specialized clinical trials: Phase I studies in healthy volunteers (first-in-human, SAD/MAD, cardiac safety, drug-drug interaction, food effect, bioavailability/bioequivalence, etc.), Asian bridging, human abuse potential (HAP), driving simulation, psychedelics research, and pain models
  • CenExel’s turnkey biomarker solutions for neuroimaging data acquisition and analysis as well as EEG/ERP-related endpoint selection, collection, and analysis
  • Recent scientific articles authored by members of CenExel’s Scientific Affairs and Clinical Development Team
  • CenExel’s scientific posters on the topics of reducing subject dropout rates and the efficacy of our copyrighted Placebo-Control Reminder Script (PCRS) to manage placebo and nocebo responses among trial participants
  • Details about the first-rate qualifications of CNS and HRI’s clinical raters
  • CenExel’s capabilities and expertise with respect to participant recruitment and retention

Sponsors and CROs seeking clinical development consulting or support for the completion of their clinical studies from CNS and/or HRI may contact CenExel’s Business Development Team using the form on CenExel’s website.

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